FDS303H H2 IR3 Flame Detector Copper Free Aluminium Red

Stock Code: 2200-0010-1

FDS303 IRH² Flame Detector 2 x M25 Copper Free Aluminium Red Flame Detector - Detection Type – IRH² Detection method – Hydrogen & radiation absorption technique, Detection Range 40m : 2 to 5 microns (IR), Suitable for Zone 1, Gas Gr. II A/B, T3 hazardous area classification, IP 65ingress protection, Sensitivity - 0.1m2 Gasoline fire @ 20m, Field of view - 90 degress cone of vision or better, Response time -3msec seconds, Operating distance - 5 to 40 meters, Wiring method-3wire analog, 4-20 mA output, HART protocol, 24V DC power supply, EExd with ATEX certified, SIL-2 rated fixing bracket 45deg angle included.

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